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In 2008 Cook Hammond & Kell hosted over 60 CHKcartoplus interactive web sites and it was our flag-ship product. In 2008 we launched the advanced CartoGold service as the successor to CHKcartoplus, which removed the reliance on 3rd party plug-ins and since then most of our clients moved onto the new platform.

A number of technical issues over the past few years has meant that the JAVA based CHKcartoplus has been more difficult to support and since September 2015 the mapping is no longer viewable in Google Chrome. In additon more recent releases of Java have affected the search facilities on each site.

CHK have looked closely at these issues, combined with the very small number of sites left on CHKcartoplus, and we have made the decision to close down our CHKcartoplus service on 29th February 2016

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. It may be that the site you are looking for is now on our CartoGold platform and you can see a list of these here.